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Why you should join a CIN

Throughout the nation, the transition from volume-based to value-based health care is happening quickly. The pace and complexity of this change cannot be understated. Physicians and hospitals that embrace the change through collaboration via clinical integration activities will make certain to survive and thrive under what is now considered to be the “new normal.” The articles noted below explain the advantages of being part of a clinically integrated network, as well as other value-based health care payment models:

  • Gain a better understanding of the value of clinical integration and clinically integrated networks for physicians by Clicking here.
  • Learn what the American Hospital Association (AHA) and American Medical Association (AMA) have to say about the importance of physician and hospital integration in the effort to achieve the Triple Aim goals. Click here to read their joint letter to the health care community.


Benefits of Participating in the Mount Sinai Health Network

  • Performance metrics focused on quality of care improvements
  • Increased collaboration amongst physicians equals success with new payment models
  • Shared savings opportunities
  • Ability to manage across the continuum of care through planned acquisition and implementation of population health information system
  • No initial financial commitment


Mount Sinai Health Network; Participation Made Simple

STEP 1: Schedule a 15-30 minute in-service, in your office, with the MSHN team to:

  • Receive participation materials and criteria necessary to join
  • Understand the charter of the various MSHN Board committees
  • Learn about the “Quality Data Report”
  • Review MSHN policies and procedures
  • Gain greater insight into value based transformation efforts underway in health care and how it affects you

STEP 2: Complete and return MSHN credentialing application

STEP 3: Review, execute and return participation agreement

Population Health Educational Course List

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